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Powerful & Flexible Input/Outputs Cards

Open communications

Satrofit cards communicate using the Modbus protocol to a wide range of intelligent BMS master controllers.  These include:

This allows a modern building management system to be installed and talk to, for example,  existing Satchwell BAS 2800, Sigma or Staefa AS1000 controls, without the need for a complete refurbishment.

Using Modbus, a robust, proven and open automation standard, it is also possible to connect other Modbus enabled HVAC products directly onto the network, such as:

The result can be a very cost effective gathering of a wide amount of data to assist with managing a building to deliver energy, cost and efficiency savings.

There are many experienced installers who can integrate the Satrofit cards into any BMS. Contact Hurtwood for details on installers.

Experienced installers

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