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Using Modbus it is possible to connect to most building management systems.

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  • The input cards have selectable digital, current and voltage inputs with status LEDs.

  • Thermistors can be measured in two ranges - giving a high level of accuracy from 300 Ohms to 100K Ohms.

  • The input cards have 10 bit A/D converters and are individually calibrated to 0.25% accuracy.

  • The flexible analogue outputs have up to 30mA of current and 4 off 0-20mA current regulated outputs.

  • The cards can be directly connected to with the laptop based Satrofit tool allowing the sensors and actuators to be set-up and serviced by technicians who don’t have access to the master controller, for example, during pre-commissioning.

Satrofit I/O Cards

Satrofit SRC-UNC-16 BMS input and output cards plug directly into UNC 696 or 796 racks and read all the pre-existing Satchwell sensors.  The output cards can drive the Satchwell 8 way latching relay cards.

Satrofit cards are a powerful and cost effective input & output system and because they use Modbus, they can be utilised with a wide variety of BMS master controllers.

Satrofit I/O Cards Satrofit Terminal Controller Staefa Retrofit


Satrofit Tool